A picture says a thousand words

And in this picture from the 2004 Democratic Convention at which he went from virtual unknown to (rock) star politician, Barack Obama clearly looks uncomfortable.

With the news that John Kerry has endorsed him making headlines, I'd like nothing better than to see the look on his face now!

Kerry's endorsing Obama over John Edwards gives credence to the rumors of bickering between the 2004 Democratic Presidential running team. I don't see a Kerry endorsement as being particularly valuable. The man lost me when he couldn't effectively explain the connection between being poor and uneducated and serving in Iraq (i.e., you don't see the offspring of the wealthy serving; for the most part it's working class).
My first thought was that this probably pissed off the Clintons. Bill Clinton, after all, got up from his sickbed after heart surgery to campaign for Kerry/Edwards ticket. But after thinking about it, I wonder if Kerry is returning the favor . . . by endorsing Obama!


Anonymous said...

Wow...I wonder how Hilary and Edwards feel about this. This was definately a surprise. The verdict is still out on whether the endorsement will hurt or help. Regardless, it's keeping his name out in the media.

bettye griffin said...

If relations between Kerry and Edwards were as chilly as has been described, Edwards probably wasn't surprised, and his "I respect his decision" response supports that.

As for the Clintons, I wonder . . .