The New Face of American Politics?

NBC News is projecting that Barack Obama has won the Iowa caucus. Iowa. Iowa-way. Midwest. As in cornfields . . . Des Moines . . . and a very small black population.

I admit I didn't believe that a state with so many white voters would ever pick Obama over the more "traditional" (i.e., white male) candidate, Edwards. I hope this position holds tomorrow morning when I wake up. I remember the projections the night of the 2000 Presidential election.

I also remember what befell the winner of the California primary in 1968 (Robert F. Kennedy).

Lord, keep this man safe.


Anonymous said...

He did it...times are changing around here :)

Anonymous said...


I sat up and watched until all the votes came in, heard him give his speech - as rousing and powerful as always. My heart swelled with pride as I comtemplated the kind of future we could have if Iowa is any indication of the change that is coming - and then, I got down on my knees and said a prayer of protection for him.

I believe he can do what he says he can - I only hope he gets the chance to.

PatriciaW said...

We were up watching coverage until after midnight.

A lot of Black folks, self included, need to look in the mirror and ask themselves, "Why didn't I believe?" Not that we didn't have good reason based in historical experiences but sooner or later, we have to change our thinking along with the white folks.

Yes Lord, please keep this man safe!

bettye griffin said...

It's exciting, isn't it? Everyone pray for his safety and that of his family.

Thanks for posting, all!