C'mon, Even Horses Get to Rest

I know I’m supposed to be writing, but wanted to comment on this.

In the Far Southwest suburbs of Chicago about 10 days ago, the bodies of a woman and her three children, ages 8, 11, and 12, were found in an SUV on the side of a highway. Also in the vehicle was the woman’s husband and the children’s father, who’d been shot in the thigh. The police were quick to say that he’d been questioned and was free to go, he wasn't considered a suspect, etc. My suspicions were immediately raised about why this man suffered a non-life-threatening injury while everyone else his family were all killed. This man and his family are white.

The husband was arrested yesterday as he arrived for his family's funeral and charged with three counts of murder.

Another arrest also took place yesterday, that of the boyfriend of the missing pregnant woman in Ohio, whose body was found. He was arrested and charged with two counts of murder, one for his girlfriend and another for her unborn baby, of whom he is assumed to be the father. This man is black. His girlfriend was white.

These are both heinous crimes, but guess which one is featured on the national news and which one has been relegated to local?

Enough pondering and wandering. Now I’ve got to get back to work.


Gwyneth Bolton said...

And you know if that other man was black they wouldn't have let him go only to have to arrest him later either. And if the missing woman in Ohio was black we would have never heard of her. How many black women are murdered by their black boyfriends and husbands that we never hear a thing about? Sometimes the media just makes me sick. (Sorry to have a mini rant on your blog...)


Gwyneth Bolton said...

Oh... now get back to writing... :-)


bettye griffin said...

This is the place to rant.

As for back to work, yes, ma'am!


Patricia W. said...

We all need a place to rant!

And I understand, from an OH caller to this morning's Tom Joyner radio show, there's a Black woman in OH who has been missing since May, age 46. Have you heard about that?

bettye griffin said...

Not a word, Pat! But are we surprised?

Anonymous said...

If you are talking about the missing black woman from the Cincinnati area, her body was found about a month after she was reported missing. She was approximately 38 years old with two teenage daughters. It was constantly in the news here but not much nation wide. It did end up with her boyfriend being charged with her murder. True, we do not get the national publicity.