The Last Time I Saw Paris

Damn. It's been so quiet since Rosie O’Donnell went off the air with one last shouting match (but I'm sure she be back, not to The View but to her own show, before too long.) There hasn't even been a peep out of Donald Trump (am I the only one who thinks these two might have a secret agreement to keep their feud going just to keep their respective names in the press? I don't know if there's been any effect on Donald, but Rosie has turned into a ratings champ.)

Now it's Paris all over the airwaves. First the jokes about her going to jail. Then she actually goes to jail (not prison - there's a difference), for three days (not five, as her attorney [earning that $750 an hour, no doubt] says, then there's a hearing, at which she's going to appear, then will call in, then she will appear again . . . and now, back to the hoosegow a second time. For the full 45 days. She provided the public with a most unflattering expression as she was driven away. The "I've learned a lot from this" statement when she was originally released to house arrest suggested she'd already put the incident behind her. I guess she was shocked to learn it's not over.

My two cents? She committed a serious crime, the consequences of which could have been potentially a lot worse if she'd injured or killed someone or damaged property. The repeated offenses show a flagrant disregard for the law. I think she should serve her time, just like she would if her name was Mary Smith . . . or LaKeisha Robinson. I'm not sure, though, why the judge went back to the original 45 days after originally cutting it down to 23. It was the sheriff's idea to release her, and it almost seems like she's being penalized because the sheriff fell for her histrionics.

She doesn't like isolation? Okay, so let her mix with the general inmate population. When she gets out in 45 days, then she can talk about how much she's learned.

"Hire a driver" will probably be at the top of the list.


Gwyneth Bolton said...

Amen and amen again! I'm so sick of Paris Hilton. She should be happy her drunk driving didn't cost anyone his or her life. Stupid girl...


bettye griffin said...

Gwyneth, I wish the world would simply ignore it when she gets out, but we won't be that lucky. The media will go on Paris overload once more. Personally, I think she loves the attention. Maybe she ought to try to be more like her sister, whom you never hear about, like the great majority of super-wealthy young folks around today.