A Romance In Color Review on A Love For All Seasons

Okay, I haven't shoved a review down your throats in weeks now, so it's time to do it. (It's my blog, and I'll say what I want to!)

"REVIEW: A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS, the new novel by author Bettye Griffin, will titillate readers with its interesting view point on what happens when the woman is unwilling to love. For Alicia Timberlake, a good relationship is one that evolves from lovers into friends. Her system works well until she meets Jack Devlin and despite her attempts to get close, he insists on their being friends before becoming lovers. This goes against the grain for Alicia whose many romantic relationships never last more than a season. Jack on the contrary, is determined to show Alicia there can be one "Love For All Seasons."

This uncharted territory is unnerving for Alicia and despite her strong feelings for Jack, she’s uncertain she wants to rewrite the familiar script of her life. As she wrestles with the foreign idea of a future with one man, her entire sense of self is shattered by a malicious utterance from her younger sister. With her very identity an illusion, Alicia questions whether she can indeed build a real life with Jack. Jack, however, is willing to be her light out of emotional darkness but only time can fix her wounds and only time can tell if Jack has enough love to stick around. The plot takes us simultaneously from the present to the past as Alicia reveals the complexities of her childhood which shape her perceptions on love and relationships. The transition from past to present is carefully prepared and does not confuse the reader. The characters are all brought to life using language which gives a concise image of each main and sub-character. The story begins in bustling New York City and climaxes in a suburban town in Connecticut. Alicia and Jack enjoy a lively and open dialogue that is very funny at times and quite serious at others. It all makes for a wonderful read as Alicia fights to hold back how much she is falling for Jack while he fights to restrain; showing just how deeply he has fallen for her. Daphne, Alicia’s sister is a particularly nasty character but she adds her own interesting twist to the story. A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS is like any other in that it deals with love and commitment yet dissimilar in that here we see a woman who is unwilling to give her heart to man who unquestioningly wants to give his to her. Ms. Griffin does a wonderful job of showing the male character as a strong individual despite his precarious position as the one more open and honest with his emotions. Readers will enjoy this contemporary and well written love story."

I'm all choked up! While I try to compose myself, check out Romance In Color at romanceincolor.com .


Gwyneth Bolton said...

Congrats on the great review! Can't wait to read this one.


bettye griffin said...

Thanks, Gwyneth! You're a peach!