Have You Seen This Man?

My husband and I have been watching those news reports about the TB patient who traveled in Europe, incredulous as we hear the urgings for the people who traveled on his flight to come forward and be tested for tuberculosis.

The man was traveling. He came into contact with more people than those on the same plane. What's more, now that he has been identified, the media is still discussing his fellow plane passengers. Granted, some people who shared space with him have no way of knowing . . . like the person who sat in his plane seat on the next flight, or the person who sat in the same chair at the airport gate after he boarded his plane, or the next person to rent the car that he drove from Canada to re-enter the States.

But what about the hotel maids, who handled his used sheets and towels? The people who sat next to him at the bar? The people who washed his utensils? The car rental employee who handed him his contract and keys? The other folks with whom he might have had contact with? I haven't heard anyone even mention them. I haven't seen his photograph displayed with a message that if you remember having any contact with him, to get tested.

I don't get it.


Gwyneth Bolton said...

This is so scarey because you're so right... There are so many people that may have come into contact with this man that people aren't even factoring in. Not to mention the folk that they are coming into contact with now that they have been exposed... And while I would hate to think that there are class biases at play as to why the workers who may have come into contact with him are being ignored... I can't help but wonder... When you really think about it a lot of lives can change drastically because of this one man. I hadn't even realized that they'd released a photo. That helps. I suppose.