Movie Trivia Answer to Question #10 and New Question #11

This one's going to be interesting.

"May the Force be with you" was said in the movie Star Wars (1977). But here's the rub: My source (and I can't tell you what that is or you'd know where to go for the answers) attributes this quote to the character of Han Solo. After reading Donna's impassioned response, something told me she knew what she was talking about. Other sources agree (and so does my husband, it was Obi Kenobi or whatever his name was). So, in the interest of fairness, the bonus point will go to people who gave either answer.

So, for the updated scores:

Patricia earned 1 + 1 bonus point and now has 13 (and she thought she was wrong!)
Reon earned 1 + 1 bonus point and now has 9
Shelia earned 1 point and now has 8
Mel earned 1 + 1 bonus point and now has 6
Donna earned 1 + 1 bonus point and now has 5
Gwyneth earned 1 point and now has 2 (don't give up, Gwyneth, it's all in fun)
Patsy earned 1 point and now has 2 (Patsy posted her answer under a different post, but it still counts)
Janie has 2 points

And on to today's question: In honor of Black History Month, all of this week's questions were voiced by black actors in movies with predominantly black casts.

First, for the quote:

"How come all you college boys wear those faggoty-looking white shoes?"

Naming the movie will get you one point. In addition, naming the actor who said it will get you a bonus point. Naming the actor to whom the line was directed - who was just starting his career at the time and who roughly 20 years later won an Oscar himself - will get you five bonus points. Not too shabby, eh?

I've got to get my primary vote in so it'll be counted, plus we're expecting a significant snowfall. Catch you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

A Raisin in the Sun is the movie. Sidney Poitier said it to Louis Gossett Jr.


DonnaD said...

Okay, the movie is "Raisin in the Sun". It was Sidney Poitier who said this to Louis Gossett Jr.

I originally thought this was from "School Daze". It sounds so Spike Lee.